Metal Large Egyptian Hookah Pipe

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If you’re looking for the best smoking experience possible, go no further than this Metal Large Egyptian Hookah Pipe. This hookah was handcrafted from the highest quality materials, including bell metal, stainless steel, and glass, to provide a luxurious and pleasant smoking experience.

This large hookah pipe is the ultimate all-in-one hookah set, with a base, ball, tray, non-washable hose, grommets, and top. The foundation is built to last, so your Metal Large Egyptian Hookah Pipe won’ t be falling over as you enjoy your smoke. The smooth, effortless pulls made possible by the ball’s shape make smoking a pleasure every time.

The tray’s capacious design allows for extended sessions of shisha pleasure without the need to regularly reload. The non-washable hose ensures a snug connection between the large egyptian hookah and the grommets for a pleasant smoking experience. The top is made to be cleaned and maintained quickly and easily, so your hookah will always look and perform like new.

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