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Global Hookah was founded out of a deep love for hookah culture. As longtime hookah enthusiasts, we know that the appeal of quality hookah lies in the social and relaxing experience it provides. We aim to spread hookah culture and allow more people to enjoy this unique charm through our hookah designs.

Global Hookah consists of designers and engineers from all over the world. We incorporate unique cultural perspectives on hookah from places like Arabic, Spanish, and Indian cultures into our designs, creating hookah products that blend international flair with local characteristics.

All Global Hookah products are designed and produced in the USA. We collaborate with local glass-blowing studios to use high-quality glass and metal materials. We also source reliable parts from Germany and China to ensure product safety. Each component is handcrafted and thoroughly tested - all to deliver a perfect hookah experience to users.

Global Hookah hopes to spread hookah culture through our products, providing more people with a way to socialize and relax amid their busy lives. We love the joy that hookah brings us and hope you'll make equally memorable moments with our hookahs.

Our Factory

Our goal is to provide the highest quality products at competitive prices while providing a level of service that will make your experience with Global-Shisha exceptional. We are committed to bringing you the best hookahs, bong, and accessories at the lowest possible prices.

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