We are professional vendors of glass bongs. If you want a wholesale bong, we can definitely meet your needs.

As a Glass bong wholesale supplier, we produce and wholesale different types of bongs, such as classical straight tubes or beakers having water chambers where smoke passes through for filtration and cooling. More complex designs such as percolator bongs have several filtering chambers that offer the smoothest smoking experience.

We also have percolator glass pipes with diffuser attachments to enhance complete diffusion and cooling, cleansing the smoke from impurities and delivering smoother hits. The most intricate ones have triple filtration systems with spiral diffusers and ice pinches. This is important due to the fact that vaporized smoke contains desirable compounds such as THC and CBD but also harmful components such as hot fumes and tar. Among other things, particulate ash can be strained from smoke by these substances resulting in reduced tar amounts leading to purer smoke flow again

What makes you feel at ease is that all our glass bongs are made of high-density borosilicate glass and are formed at high temperatures. They do not contain lead, cadmium, or any other harmful components hence healthy smoking. Its low thermal expansion coefficient makes it capable of resisting cracking under high temperatures thus giving an assurance that it will not break even if exposed for long periods. Hence, there is no need to worry if you are searching for Bulk Glass Bongs or the best Glass Bong Manufacturers as we shall be your partner at all times.

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