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What Is Hookah Pipe

Important components of a hookah pipe include the water basin, bowl, valve, and hose. Its main purpose is to smoke hookah tobacco. To use the hookah, simply pour the hookah tobacco in the bowl located at the top of the Hookah and proceed to heat it. During the combustion process the smoke from hookah tobacco enters the water-filled hookah base and is then inhaled by us.

1. Hookah Bowl

Accessories for placing hookah tobacco

2. Stuffing

The hose is the conduit that allows smoke to travel from the hookah vase to the mouthpiece

High-End Middle Eastern Hookah Wholesale

3. Hookah Vase Base

Its main function is to fill with water to filter and cool the smoke.

4. Stem

The hookah stem connects the bowl and the vase together.

In addition to the traditional Hookah pipe, electronic hookah pipes are also becoming more and more popular, especially our 2024 new high-end Electronic Hookah Kit

What Are The Different Types Of Hookah?

Traditional Style Hookah

They have their origins in the Middle East and Egypt, and many display intricate patterns inspired by Middle Eastern aesthetics, while their designs are characterized by simplicity. In contrast to contemporary hookahs, they lack an integrated diffuser and purge valve. Three of the most representative ones are as follows:

Egyptian Hookah

Different from other styles, the glass vase of the Egyptian hookah is taller, typically ranging from 27.6 to 35.4 inches. A greater height can enhance the length of the smoke filtering route, resulting in an improved filtering effect. Therefore, we suggest that individuals who are new to shisha consider purchasing Egyptian shisha since it is the most suitable option.

Turkish Hookahs

The majority of Turkish hookahs available on the market are composed of brass, and because of their multi-tube construction, which allows numerous users to use it simultaneously, they are particularly well-suited for use at large gatherings.

Particularly in the United States, Turkish hookahs have become an essential feature in hookah bars, which are increasingly gaining popularity.

Wholesale Imported Turkish Hookahs
Indian Hookahs

Indian Hookahs:

Indian hookahs use a single hose design, similar to Turkish Hookahs, they are also made from brass and produced by Indian artisans using traditional sand casting techniques.

Modern Hookah

Contemporary shisha exhibits a novel and trendy design that is absent in traditional shisha. Their design style is highly minimalist in order to cater to contemporary young consumers.

Beyond that, Contemporary hookahs incorporate a range of modern technologies, including LED lighting, digital screens, built-in diffusers, and purification valves. Especially since I learned how damaging the tar created by hookah smoking is, so now I will be more predisposed to utilize contemporary hookah.

Some of the most popular modern hookah models are:

Portable Travel Hookah

Hookahs are designed with a specific focus on being easily carried or transported. And unlike traditional hookahs, their built-in rechargeable batteries can power the electric heating elements. These electric heating elements are usually ceramic heating elements or electric heating wires. This takes the place of the traditional heating technique that uses charcoal.

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