We are professional hookah wholesalers that provide high-quality hookahs in various styles. We have our own hookah factory and can offer wholesale hookahs at discounted prices. You can also provide us with your own designs for customized hookahs.

If you need to purchase hookahs in bulk, feel free to contact us:

whatsapp: JESSE +86 15372197660
Email(Katy ):

Our customer service can introduce you to our hookah and other product selections, provide quotations, and assist you in completing bulk orders. We offer greater discounts and customization services for recurring wholesale customers.

We use express shipping logistics to ensure products safely and timely arrive in your hands. Thank you for trusting and supporting us. We look forward to building long-term wholesale partnerships with you.

About Us

We have 5000 sqm of professional hookah warehouses and 3000 sqm of production workshops. All products undergo strict quality control to ensure safety and great user experience. We have over 10 years of hookah wholesale experience with customers all over the world.