1pc Large Size Aluminum Hookah With Silicone Hose, Aluminum Handle, Spring Protector & Clip, Ceramic Bowl, Handmade Glazed Glass Bottle Rose Gold


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You can select in bulk from a large assortment of various varieties of portable hookahs that we provide.including hookah parts, electric hookahs, glass hookahs, tiny hookahs, Egyptian hookahs, and more. In addition, we provide our clients specialized services that are tailored to their specific requirements. We are the greatest option if you're seeking for a wholesale bong or wholesale hookah supplies.

Hookah Frequently Asked Questions

What Materials Do You Sell Hookahs Of?

Our website is created to provide you with the largest selection of hookah pipes and accessories at the most competitive prices. We supply appropriate Different Hookah Pipe For Every Occasion. Glass, metal, and ceramic hookah pipes are just a few of the many varieties we have available. Additionally, you may purchase various hookah pipe accessories like bowls, hoses, and tongs.Best of all you can also wholesale hookahs on our website

How To Set Up A Hookah


The first step is to wash the Hookah Bowl and Hookah Stem, Hookah Hose, Hookah Base, with hot water and soap, rinse them well and dry them off with a towel or paper towel. Once they are completely dry, add some water to your bowl and let it sit for about 20 minutes. This will prevent the tobacco from burning too fast when you put it on top of the water.


Fill up the bowl with herbal tobacco or flavored tobacco (optional). Then use tin foil for packaging, pretty tightly packed out of the package, Next we about to punch our holes in our tin foil, so you have two options of tools to use so you can use a foil poker these things have a handle and a sharpen a metal tip which actually cuts through the tin foil very quickly kind

3. Fill in water

Pour water into the base of your hookah bowl until it's about half full. so that it comes up halfway between the brass ring on top of the stem ,You'll want enough water to cover your tobacco , But the water does not need too much ,or else you'll end up spilling it when you try to put your coals on top!


Place enough charcoal pieces inside your clay bowl for one session (usually about 20 minutes) and light them with an electric lighter or matchstick; once they start burning, wait until they turn white, put the charcoal pieces on top of your bowl and it’s done

Does Hookah Require A Special Lighting Method?

Hookah is a great way to relieve stress.but many people have always wondered how to light a hookah? I think using natural charcoal to light a hookah is the most traditional and best way. But you can also use modern ignition appliances such as lighter

What Styles Of Hookah Do You Have

Our hookah has a variety of styles, such as Arabic style, Persian style, etc. You can choose the one you like

How Much Water To Put In Hookah

There are generally three sizes of hookah, large hookah, medium hookah, and small hookah. Different sizes require different amounts of water, but generally speaking, fill the hookah to about 1/3 to 1/2 of the capacity. That's it, you don't need to add too much water as it will hinder the smoke from passing through the hose and affect your smoking experience.

How To Clean A Hookah

Use clean water to clean each component of the hookah to ensure no tobacco remains, and At this stage, you need to use a special hookah brush for cleaning. From my experience in the cleaning process, if you use it, it will help you get a cleaner hookah. After cleaning, you need to install your hookah hose. But you need to be careful with this step.If not installed correctly, your hookah hose can easily leak, affecting your smoking experience