Alien Has Mask Bong

If you’re looking to get high and stand out from the crowd at the same time, the Alien Gas Mask Bong is the way to go. Due to its innovative two-in-one design, this bong will elevate your smoking experience to the next level. It combines the classic design of a smoking pipe with a gas mask! This amazing piece of art comes with an adjustable strap so you can get the most comfortable fit possible. The extraterrestrial design of this gas mask bong ensures that every time you take a hit, you will feel like you are in outer space.

4 Hose Hookah

The 4 hose hookah is perfect for parties and gatherings where several people like to smoke at has a large bowl that can hold up to 3 liters of tobacco.enough for 10 people or more depending on how many times they inhale through each hose. this makes it an excellent choice for large groups of friends who want to enjoy smoking together without having to refill their bowls too often or wait too long between

Modern Hookah

This Modern hookah is more stylish than the traditional hookah. It has exquisite carvings on the rod to make you addicted to it, and it is very easy to use.

stainless modern hookah made from high quality stainless steel that won’t rust or corrode like brass or aluminum. The modern hookah set also features a unique air distribution system that provides consistent airflow no matter where you put your hose! This makes it incredibly easy to get huge cloud of fantastic tasting smoke every single time!

Most Popular Hookah Pipe

Our store sells a wide range of Popular Hookah Pipe. These Hookah Pipe can help you enhance your smoking experience and most importantly, our Hookah Pipe is much cheaper than other brands of Hookah Pipe, so you can get your favorite Hookah Pipe at a much better price.

hookah pipe

Different Hookah Pipe For Every Occasion

We sell suitable Different Hookah Pipe For Every Occasion on our website, which has been designed to bring you the best selection of hookah pipes and hookah pipe accessories at the lowest prices. We offer a wide range of different hookah pipes, including glass, metal and ceramic ones. You can choose from a wide range of colors and designs online. You can also buy different accessories like bowls, hoses and tongs for your hookah pipe.



The first step is to wash the Hookah Bowl and Hookah Stem,Hookah Hose,Hookah Base,with hot water and soap, rinse them well and dry them off with a towel or paper towel. Once they are completely dry, add some water to your bowl and let it sit for about 20 minutes. This will prevent the tobacco from burning too fast when you put it on top of the water.


Fill up the bowl with herbal tobacco or flavored tobacco (optional). Then use tin foil for packaging, pretty tightly packed out of the package, Next we about to punch our holes in our tin foil, so you have two options of tools to use so you can use a foil poker these things have a handle and a sharpen a metal tip which actually cuts through the tin foil very quickly kind


Pour water into the base of your hookah bowl until it’s about half full. so that it comes up halfway between the brass ring on top of the stem ,You’ll want enough water to cover your tobacco , But the water does not need too much ,or else you’ll end up spilling it when you try to put your coals on top!


Place enough charcoal pieces inside your clay bowl for one session (usually about 20 minutes) and light them with an electric lighter or matchstick; once they start burning,wait until they turn white, put the charcoal pieces on top of your bowl and it’s done

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