Halloween Hot Resin Skull Hookah


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The Resin Skull Hookah is a unique design, made with a resin skull head and base. The hookah has two hoses with one in the front and one in the back. . This product can be used with any bong or water pipe.

Each hookah hose and downstem is removable and fits all hookahs. This Resin Skull Hookah is unlike any other smoking device since the smoke is released directly into the user’s mouth via the hoses.

With this Resin Skull Hookah , you may enjoy the advantages of both airflow and smoke without risking burns from piping hot air or breathing an uncontrollable cloud of smoke.
If you don’t have enough room in your room for a traditional hookah, this is an excellent option.

Complete set: main body, bottle, smoke pot (as pictured), charcoal ash tray, silicone tube, aluminum handle, carbon clip, LED light
Material: craft resin + aluminum alloy
Height: 38cm
Box gauge: 56*36*63cm
Weight: 19kg

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