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This is the Pretty Hookah Set. It comes with a hookah, 3 hoses and 2 glass bases. This hookah set is 53cm tall and comes with a built-in bowl and a removable hose. This Pretty Hookah Set has a glass base which makes it easy to clean and maintain. The bowl or the top part of this hookah set can be easily cleaned by just rinsing it under running water, but you can also put it into a dishwasher if you want to get rid of all that residue from smoking.

EXQUISITE DESIGN: This Pretty Hookah Set is designed with the highest quality standards and it has a beautiful, sleek and elegant appearance. It comes with 3 hose adapters. It can be used by multiple people to increase the fun of the hookah experience.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE/ DISASSEMBLE: The hookah pipe set comes disassembled in a box so you can easily put together by following the instruction manual. Besides, when you want to clean it or store it away, you just have to take apart the parts and put them back in the box.

KEEPS YOU HEALTHY AND FIT: Smoking from Hookahs have gained popularity among people who want to give up smoking cigarettes or cigars because they are healthier than cigarettes or cigars and contain less nicotine content than cigarettes and cigars do.

This is a great Hookah gift idea for anyone who enjoys smoking hookah at home or at parties. It’s also great for those who like to travel with their hookahs because the pieces come apart easily and can fit into any suitcase or backpack without taking up much space!

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