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The 4 Hoses Big Size Glass Hookah Pipe offers a versatile compatibility with various shisha flavors, making it a perfect choice for shisha enthusiasts seeking a diverse and customizable smoking experience. Whether you prefer traditional flavors like apple or mint, or more exotic options such as pineapple or chocolate, this Big Size Glass Hookah Pipe is designed to enhance the taste and aroma of any flavor you choose.
Its innovative design allows for easy flavor mixing, enabling you to experiment with different combinations and create unique smoking sessions tailored to your preferences. The high-quality glass material preserves the purity of each flavor, ensuring a clean and enjoyable smoke every time. Moreover, this large hookah pipe’s compatibility extends beyond just traditional shisha flavors. With its adaptable design, it can also be used with herbal blends or even essential oils for those looking for alternative smoking options.

The big glass hookah offers a safe and healthy smoking option due to its durable glass construction. Unlike traditional hookah pipes made of metal or plastic, glass ensures a clean and pure smoking experience. Glass is non-porous, which means it does not absorb any harmful chemicals or residues from the tobacco or charcoal used in the hookah. This prevents any potential contamination that could affect the taste or overall quality of the smoke.
Furthermore, glass is easy to clean and maintain, allowing for thorough sanitization after each use. This eliminates any residual odors or tastes that may linger in other materials, ensuring a consistently enjoyable smoking experience every time. The transparency of the glass also allows users to easily monitor the water level and cleanliness of their pipe.
Overall, the 4 pipe shisha provides smokers with peace of mind by offering a safe and hygienic option for enjoying their favorite flavors without compromising on quality or taste.If you are interested in this 4 Hoses Big Size Glass Hookah Pipe, please contact us for custom shisha the pipe

Material: Glass+Alloy


Total Height:About 60CM/23.62″

Use:Shisha Pipe&Accessories

Packing List:
1PC* Glass Hookah(Including necessary accessories like photo shows)
1PC* Red Clay Bowl
4 PCS*Hoses
1PC* Metal Charcoal Tongs
Gift:2PCS Foils+5PCS Mouthpieces

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