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This 420 Wholesale Glass Bong is excellent for both novices and specialists. The bong’s removable bowl makes it simple to clean it after each usage. Furthermore, it is made to fit securely, so you won’t have to worry about it coming off while using it.

Additionally, this Mini glass bongs for 420 enthusiasts has ice notches on the top of the tube where you may place ice cubes to cool your smoke before inhaling it.

the bong’s ice catcher features a percolator that removes dangerous tobacco smoke contaminants, ensuring that only clean and cool smoke enters your lungs. Keep your hits nice and clean. This piece is one of our best-selling ones because to a combination of all these qualities!

We have the largest selection of wholesale glass bongs available anywhere online. We have everything from small personal use dab rigs to large size party bongs for sale at wholesale prices.

You can find any type of Customized 420 glass bong collection in our store including straight tubes with diffused downstems or beaker base designs with colored accents or percolators. If you need to wholesale bong, please contact us in time

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