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If you want to wholesale this Easy glass hookah, please contact us, This Easy Hookah With Glass Base Wholesale can be used to smoke shisha, tobacco, herbs, and other substances that are smoked through a pipe. It comes with a glass base, which makes it look more fashionable and beautiful. The Easy Hookah also comes with a rubber grommet on the hose connector so that it can easily fit into the base of the pipe. You can also use this Easy Hookah With Glass Base Wholesale at parties and other events where people gather together.

The hookah pipe is made of glass or stainless steel, anodized aluminum. It consists of three parts: a bowl (where the tobacco is placed), a tube (where the smoke travels through), and a mouthpiece. The bowl of this hookah is Very large, you can absorb it with two or three partners at the same time.

These bases are manufactured with a special treatment process. This treatment process causes the glass to have high transparency and coloring, which makes it look very beautiful. The appearance of this kind of base is similar to a shock absorber, and its materials and manufacturing processes are incredible.

We wholesale all styles of Hookahs, from small handheld single-hose hookahs to multiple-hose large table-top hookahs. If you are looking for a hookah wholesale supplier then we are here to help you find what you need!

In addition to its design and materials, the best features we can find in hookahs are also outstanding. It has an upward exhaust system that runs along the entire mast, and three vents pass through the chamber to achieve unique effects. The fastening system is made of a rubber gasket and the hose connector is magnetized, thereby achieving perfect fixation without the risk of the hose falling


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