Iron Mini Vintage Hookah Pipe


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This Vintage Hookah Pipe is constructed of excellent iron and is quite durable. This smoking device’s assembly and disassembly couldn’t be easier. You simply need some coals and hookah tobacco to get started.

For your convenience, the vintage hookah includes a middle stem. Cleaning the glass tank with a brush leaves no residual flavor or scratches. Since hookahs are so simple to operate, you can taste every aspect of your tobacco.

One of the most remarkable features of the hookah with 2 hoses is its fast lock mechanism. Thanks to this inventive mechanical connection, the iron body may be easily joined to the glass tank. Both components may be matched with a single motion, making setup and teardown a breeze. By utilizing these adapters, no grommets or other seals are required, and the hose plugs fit perfectly.

This Vintage Hookah Pipe as a two-hose hookah, is great for social gatherings. It may be used by up to two people at the same time without reducing the “big cloud” effect.

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