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The purple dab rig is a great way to enjoy concentrates. This piece features a fixed downstem and jointless percolator, which allows you to easily vaporize your favorite waxes and oils. This Purple Dab Rigs Gravity Bong is made from high-quality glass and has a heavy base for stability. and because Purple Dab Rigs Gravity Bong has a water chamber, which cools down the smoke and filters it at the same time. You can even easily add ice cubes or crushed ice for extra cooling while using

This gravity bong is a great option for anyone looking to smoke their favorite concentrates on the go! You can use it at parties or gatherings and The honeycomb percolator makes sure that your smoke passes through water to cool it down before hitting your lungs and adds extra flavor to your smoke as well! You can even add a carb hole on the side for an even smoother hit!

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