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How Many Coals For Hookah

For the best hookah experience, you need to use the right amount of charcoal. Using too little or too much charcoal will affect the taste and smoke production of your tobacco. Keep reading this blog to learn How Many Coals For Hookah

The number of coals needed for a hookah session depends on several factors:

Hookah Size: Larger hookahs require more coals since the tobacco bowl is bigger and needs more heat. A small 1-2 person hookah may only need 2-3 coals, while a large multi-hose hookah for 4+ people may need 3-5 coals. Because Since the tobacco bowl on small hookahs tends to be smaller and the draw is less open, using too many coals can make the smoke harsh and unpleasant.

-Number of Smokers: More smokers means more pulls on the hookah, which cools down the tobacco faster. Add 1 extra coal for every 1-2 additional smokers to maintain ideal temperature.

Desired Smoke Temperature: Some people prefer hotter smoke, while others like it cooler. Using fewer coals produces milder smoke, while more coals make it hotter. Start with lower coals and add more to reach desired temperature.

Tobacco Type: Drier tobaccos like tangiers often need more heat. Wetter shisha like al-fakher may need fewer coals.

And different types of hookah charcoal? have different burning effects. Let’s take a look at What are the different types of hookah charcoal?

How Many Coals For Hookah

What are the different types of hookah charcoal?

Natural charcoal – Made from coconut or wood charcoal. Burns slower and smoother.

Quick light charcoal – Made from pressurized charcoal mixed with gunpowder or other chemicals. Although Lights quickly but can give off odor/taste.

Coconut charcoal – Made from coconut shells. Considered superior quality. Characterized by Burns longer and more evenly.

Bamboo charcoal – Made by carbonizing bamboo. Burns cleanly with little smoke or ash.

Silver tab charcoal – Small charcoal disks with silver ignition tabs. Light quickly using the tabs. Characterized by Low odor and smoke.

Considering these factors allows you to customize the amount of coals to your specific hookah setup and preferences. Start on the lower side, observe the smoke, and add more coals as, Of course you can also buy in bulk on our hookah wholesale website, prices Very good deal

How Many Coals For Hookah

Properly managing the coals throughout your hookah session is important for performance and safety. Here are some tips:

Rotating Coals
Rotate the coals every 10-15 minutes to ensure even heating. Use tongs to move the coals around the outer edge of the bowl. This helps prevent hotspots.

Don’t let the coals touch each other. Maintain at least 1 cm between coals for proper airflow.

Rotate the coals so that the ashy side faces the center of the bowl. The hot red side should face outward.

Adding More Coals
Typically add a new round of coals after 45-60 minutes. Remove the spent coals first.

Add 3 fresh coals to keep the bowl at optimal temperature. Adjust as needed based on factors like tobacco type, bowl size, and number of smokers.

Let the fresh coals sit for 2-3 minutes before rotating to allow them to properly ignite.

Removing Spent Coals
Remove coals once they are small, ashy, and no longer red. Spent coals provide little heat and can taint the flavor.

Use metal tongs to carefully pick up and discard the coals in a safe manner. Avoid touching coals with bare hands.

Ensure no stray coal pieces detach and fall into the tobacco bowl when removing. This can burn the shisha.

Replace the spent coals promptly with fresh hot coals to maintain even smoke.

How Many Coals For Hookah

How often do you move coals on hookah?

Generally speaking, you will need to move the charcoal blocks every 5-10 minutes for the first 10-15 minutes. This can help build up the initial heat in the smoke pan. Therefore we recommend that once the cigarette pan has reached the desired heating temperature, you can move the charcoal blocks less frequently

Through constant testing and experimentation, we have found the optimal amount of charcoal for your specific setting. During your session, pay attention to the amount of smoke and flavor, and adjust the number of charcoal briquettes accordingly. We hope you use these tips to have satisfying hookah fun.

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