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How To Clean A Bong

Although I love using bongs to smoke weed, I have never blogged about how to clean a bong. For this reason, today I especially took the time to write this blog. For me, a clean glass bong can have a very positive impact on my Smoking experience,

Especially after prolonged use when resin and vapor residue accumulate inside the pipe over time. It greatly affects my smoking experience. You can even imagine this Sticky, smelly buildup makes hits taste bad and harsh, so let’s take a look at how to deep clean the glass bong and make our hookah look like new

how often do you have to clean a bong

We must know that if we do not clean the bong in time after use, the resin and tar in the cannabis will quickly accumulate, especially when you inhale through the bong, the mold produced will also enter your body, So how often do you need to clean a bong? After our constant testing we recommend that you rinse your bong with hot water after each use. This will help remove the resins from the cannabis and prevent them from hardening and sticking to our glass bong.

Not only that, but we also need to inspect it weekly for any odd smells. If you notice the smoke smell is not very good when smoking, it may be caused by the accumulation of tar and other dirt. Therefore, we also need to clean it thoroughly at least once a week, disassemble each part, and use alcohol and lemon juice to clean it. Clean the accumulated dirt on cigarette butts, hoses, and joints.

How To Clean A Bong

What is the best thing to clean bong?

Preparing to clean our bong is also quite simple – we need to prepare many cleaning tools during this period. Such as alcohol, Pipe cleaners, and Latex gloves. These cleaning tools are easy to find at home and can ensure that we can easily remove the dirt in the bong. In my opinion, this is the best way to clean a bong.

Cleaning steps

You only need to prepare 1 teaspoon of alcohol. Here you need to make sure that what you buy is medical alcohol (ethyl alcohol concentration is about 70%), not hydrated alcohol, because the concentration of hydrated alcohol is only 50-60%, the cleaning effect is very poor, and we I have personally tested that this is indeed the case. Then we pour out the water in the bong first, then sprinkle 2 tea salts in the glass tube and the sink, and wipe and scrub with alcohol. The salt will work as a light scrub, while the alcohol will dissolve the stain. Next, we can put on gloves and use Pipe cleaners to clean each part carefully,

And I recently tested using fresh lemon juice instead of salt, and the effect was also very good. and after the cleaning is completed, there will be The fragrance of lemon

Use alcohol to clean bong

what to clean a bong with besides alcohol

Of course, you can not only use alcohol to clean bongs, but you can also check out the methods listed below to clean bongs. At this time, you may have questions about what is the point of listing so many methods.

In fact, not everyone can find suitable cleaning materials at home, so we will list various cleaning materials to help you have more options for cleaning your bong.

1. Use baking soda to clean your bong

Steps to clean your bong with baking soda and hot water:

Empty the water from the bong and make sure the pipe is clear.

Sprinkle 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda on the interior walls of the water chamber and smoke tube.

Boil with boiling water and carefully and slowly pour into the bong when the water temperature reaches 70-80°C.

Shake the bong gently to allow the baking soda to dissolve the stain.

Wipe the inside of the bong with a paper towel to remove any residue.

In addition to baking soda, you can also add lemon juice to help remove smoke and nicotine residue. To get a clean bong I think it’s well worth the extra few minutes you spend preparing the lemon juice

How To Clean A Bong

2. Use white vinegar soaking method

We first pour the vinegar into the bong and then plug the mouth of the tube with a rubber plug. This can prevent the white vinegar from flowing out.

Then Let the bong soak in the white vinegar for about 30 minutes so that the white vinegar can fully dissolve the dirt.

Next, we use a brush to clean the e-liquid and other dirt on the inner wall of the bong.

Then repeat 2-3 times with hot water to completely rinse away the remaining vinegar.

Use a clean towel to wipe the surface of the bong clean and wait for the next use.

Use white vinegar to clean bong

3. Use hot water and salt

Dissolve some table salt in hot water until almost saturated.

When the temperature of the saltwater drops to the appropriate 50-60°C, pour the salt water into the bong and completely soak the water tank and smoke pipe. The hot water at this temperature can completely dissolve some stubborn tar.

Of course, nothing tests your willpower more than being forced to wait for the brine temperature to drop to a comfortable 50-60°C.

While waiting for the temperature to be suitable, we need to gently scrub the inner wall of the bong with a sponge, combined with the dissolving effect of hot salt water, to remove accumulated smoke stains.

While salt and water are the most readily available cleaning materials, they lacked the cleaning effect I was looking for. So if you want to take your bong cleaning to the next level, we still recommend using alcohol for cleaning.

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