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How Do You Smoke A Hookah Pipe

Smoking a hookah pipe is a very fun thing to do, so when it comes to discussing hookah smoking tips, nothing is more valuable than a series of tried-and-true techniques, even though many hookah enthusiasts feel these methods of smoking a hookah pipe are easy breezy. But take this Arabian hookah pipe pot we’re explaining today for example. It looks ordinary until you use it – then you’ll find it has a certain level of difficulty for beginners.

Therefore, in this blog we will explain to you in detail. We won’t overcomplicate these teaching guides, while also letting you read in a relaxed and happy manner.

This blog contains the answers to frequently asked questions about using and maintaining hookah pipes, such as how to set up hookah pipe and smoke them.

How Do You Smoke A Hookah Pipe

what is hookah pipe

First of all, when we want to use hookah pipe, we should understand it. Hookah pipe is a smoking tool specially used for smoking hookah tobacco. Its origin can be traced back to India or Persia 400-500 years ago. Since many countries use it Its use has led to its use in different countries with different names, such as

It is called in Arabic: شيشة (shīsha)

Persian: قلیان (qalyān)

Hindi and Urdu: हुक़्क़र (huqqā)

Turkish: nargile

Indonesian: cangklong

Malay: shisha

English: hookah, hubble-bubble, narghile, water pipe, goza

French: narguilé

Spanish: cachimba, shisha

German: Wasserpfeife

Italian: narghilè

Portuguese: narguilé

But their most common names are hookah and shisha, and they consist of the following parts:

The main components of a hookah include:

Head – The head of the hookah is the uppermost part of the entire hookah. Its main function is to place the tobacco that will be heated. They are usually made of ceramic or metal, but ceramic hookah heads are my all-time favorite. One of my favorites because not only can it withstand the high temperature of charcoal, but it is also beautifully designed

Body – The body is the component that connects the head of the hookah and the water tank. It serves to connect and guide smoke.

Water tank – A water tank is used to hold water. Its function is to filter and cool the smoke produced by charcoal heating.

how to set up hookah pipe

Hose – Connected between the water tank and mouthpiece, used to deliver cool, filtered smoke to the smoker’s mouth.

Cigarette holder – The cigarette holder is connected to the end of the hose. When the smoker inhales from the cigarette holder, the smoke filtered through the water tank will be sucked into the mouth. Although these cigarette holders are small in size, they are very effective. I generally like to buy multiple cigarette holders, so that Convenient for multiple people to pass the hose and share hookah, thus avoiding the spread of infectious diseases

how to set up hookah pipe

Before we start using the hookah pipe we first need to assemble it

Fill the hookah base with water. Fill the vase-like base halfway with water. This will act as a filter.

Attach the hookah stem to the base. One end of the stem attaches to the hookah base you just filled with water. Make sure the connection is secured air tight.

Attach the hookah bowl to the top of the stem. The bowl is where the shisha tobacco will be placed. Also seal this connection completely.

Cover the bowl with foil. Take heavy duty aluminum foil and tightly wrap the bowl, sealing the edges. This will hold the charcoals.

Poke holes in the foil. Use a hookah poker tool to poke holes all over the foil. The holes allow the heat to reach the tobacco.

Attach the hookah hose. Securely connect one end of the hose to the stem. The other end will have the mouthpiece.

Add charcoal and tobacco. Fill the bowl halfway with shisha tobacco. Light the charcoals and carefully place them atop the foil.

Steps to Smoking a Hookah Pipe

Before you can smoke your hookah, I usually prepare my favorite hookah tobacco, such as Tangiers, which is one of my favorite hookah tobaccos. Not only does it produce a lot of smoke for me, but it also has a variety of flavors to choose from.

In addition to this I usually prepare multiple servings so that I can enjoy a strong smoking experience. I guess there’s nothing better than enjoying the thrill of smoking, right? And I also like to add hookah molasses on the tobacco to combine them and you’ ll Get a more complex, sweet flavor

how do you smoke a hookah pipe

Next add the shisha tobacco we prepared into the bowl, but you need not to overpack it. We just need to Sprinkle it lightly into the bowl so it fills it about halfway.

Next, take a sheet of foil and place it tightly over the top of the bowl, shiny side down. This will help evenly distribute the heat from the coals.

how do you smoke a hookah pipe

Once the foil is in place, use a hookah poker or something similar like a toothpick to poke holes all over the foil. This will allow airflow for the smoke to be pulled through the tobacco and the hookah. Poke holes evenly across the entire surface of the foil.

With the holes poked, your bowl is ready for the hot coals! Here we need to remind you that for the best smoking effect, we recommend that before placing the coals on the hookah bowl, always make sure that the coals are fully lit and give out an even red color. The benefits of this are that it allows the tobacco to be heated and smoke produced more evenly, and avoids the occurrence of unpleasant burnt tastes.

Then Place the charcoal in the head, being careful not to touch the tobacco. Set the charcoal with the red hot side facing down towards the tobacco. Situate the coals on opposite sides of the head.

Wait 3-5 minutes before drawing from the pipe. This allows the tobacco to heat up gradually. At this time you can slowly smoke from the hookah. We generally like to let the smoke circulate in the mouth for a second or two to cool down , and then inhale Lungs,This little trick can not only improve the smoothness of the smoke and reduce harshness, but also allows you to taste the various flavors in the smoke, thereby bringing you an intense sense of satisfaction.

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