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This Saudi Arabian hookah features a lower stem that is removable, which is praised for making storage simple without sacrificing the powerful smoking output. The Saudi Arabian Hookah’s stability is increased by the top plate’s screw-in construction, which makes sure it remains stable and strong when in use.

Our Saudi Arabian hookah’s versatility enhances how much fun it is to use. It can quickly attach to any tube, including glass, rubber, plastic, and metal ones, giving it a flexible option for your smoking sessions.

However, we didn’t end there. We made significant adjustments after hearing what our consumers had to say. The hose inlet now complies with a standard size, making replacements easier in the event that they are required. In order to prevent damage during shipment and missing components, we’ve also greatly improved our packaging techniques, integrating superior protective materials and inspections to make sure that your hookah arrives to you in excellent shape.

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