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As a reputable hookah distributor, we are dedicated to offering high quality hookah sets that combine distinctive design features with exceptional craftsmanship.

The Small Aluminum Hookah Set has a special metal strainer built into the bowl that makes repacking easier. The stem easily fits onto the base without the use of rubber grommets, changing the construction procedure. But the innovation doesn’t end there. the creative purge method enhances user convenience and enjoyment.

When contrasted with other hookah sets in its price bracket, our Small Aluminum Hookah Set outperforms with its multitude of advantageous features and stellar functionality.

The kit includes a durable but flexible silicone hose, an aluminum alloy bowl, a metallic-finished coal ashtray, and a black glass hookah base.

The beauty and usefulness of our Aluminum Hookah Set satisfy both resellers and final consumers. Even consumers in Granada have endorsed its exceptional craftsmanship, striking style, and ability to work with different accessories, designating it as a standout piece in their collection.

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