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With a bottom diameter of around 12CM/4.72″ and a total height of roughly 58CM/22.83″, this medium-sized glass hookah offers a relaxing smoking experience. Its attractive yet small form makes it simple to travel and utilize in a variety of situations.

A thorough packing list is included with the New York Middle Size Glass Hookah Wholesale to improve your smoking experience. Each hookah base comes with all the required extras, including a porcelain bowl, four hoses made of faux leather, and metal charcoal tongs. Additionally, you will receive two foil pieces and five mouthpieces as presents, giving you everything you require to start enjoying your hookah right immediately.

You may enjoy multiple smoking sessions with no concern about damage because to the durable design of this hookah. A high-quality product that can resist frequent usage is ensured by the use of glass, metal, and ceramic components.



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