Arabian Black Mud Ceramic Hookah


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The ceramic hookah is a beautiful hand-carved hookah with a rich, This Ceramic hookah is made from high quality ceramic that is both durable and beautiful. It has hookah i a wide body, so you can use it with large bowls of tobacco. The hose is long and flexible, The bowl comes with its own tongs, which allow you to pick up your coal without burning your fingers! that allows for a smooth smoking experience. It comes complete with a hose and bowl for easy smoking. The Ceramic hookah water pipe makes an excellent gift for the Ceramic Hookah lover in your life!

Thiss easy to carry and can be used by multiple people. And this ceramic shisha can also be used with flavored shisha as well as regular tobacco , This makes it perfect for sharing with friends! The ceramic base is easy to clean and maintain so you can keep this hookah looking nice without too much effort.

This ceramic shisha includes everything needed to smoke right out of the box. It comes with a clay bowl, tongs, poker and hose so you can start smoking as soon as it arrives on your doorstep

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