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How to Put Out Hookah Coals Safely – Your Ultimate Guide

Hookah coal plays an important role when smoking hookah. It can help us provide the heat needed to burn the hookah tobacco in the bowl. But it is such a small thing, if not handled properly, it will have unimaginable consequences. When I When I first came into contact with the hookah, my beloved mobile phone was burned because I did not extinguish the hookah coal correctly. Therefore, in this blog, we will list some methods on how to put out hookah coals. To help you use hookahs more safely , and read through the entire blog post to help you learn more about hookah coals

  • How To Put Out Hookah Coals
  • How to check if hookah media is really extinguished
  • Will hookah coal go out on its own
  • Can I reuse hookah coals after putting them out?
how to put out hookah coals

how to put out hookah coals

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Use Water
One method for putting out hookah coals is to submerge the coals completely in water. Fill a heat-resistant container like a metal bucket or ceramic bowl with water. Drop the lit coals into the water one at a time and make sure they are fully immersed .

Use aluminum foil to isolate oxygen
The easiest way to extinguish it is with aluminum foil. You only need to prepare some aluminum foil. When the charcoal burns to the point where it needs to be replaced, cover it directly on the burning charcoal to block oxygen, and it will usually go out quickly. Remember to wait until it is completely extinguished before taking it out.

Use pipe tools
Press directly with the pipe tool to extinguish it. You can use a spatula or other end of the pipe tool to directly press the red-hot charcoal and continue to press it until it goes out. Be careful to prevent scalding when pressing.

Use Sand or Soil
Using sand or soil is an effective way to safely put out hookah coals. Simply take the hot coals and bury them completely in a container of sand or garden soil. The sand or soil will smother the coals and cut off their oxygen supply, causing them to fully extinguish.

Be sure to fully immerse the coals in the sand or soil. Leave no part of the coal exposed to air. Cover them completely until they are cold to the touch. Sand and soil act as heat sinks, absorbing the heat energy from the coals. The more surface area contact between the coals and sand/soil, the faster they will cool down.

It’s best to have a dedicated metal container filled with sand or soil ready specifically for hookah coal disposal. Avoid dumping coals directly into flower beds or the ground, as they could damage plants or lead to a fire.

how to put out hookah coals

How to check if hookah media is really extinguished

You’ll know the coals are extinguished when your hookah coals have no heat left at all, but just to be safe, I usually use cold water to extinguish them once more. However, if you can’t find a water source nearby, you may need to stay near the hookah coals for a while longer. Let the coals cool completely for about 5 minutes before leaving them.

how to put out hookah coals

Will hookah coal go out on its own

However, if we don’t actively put out the coals, will they go out by themselves?

We need to know that Coals require oxygen to burn. The coals on the hookah head have direct air exposure and sufficient oxygen supply, so they will not go out automatically. Even if you stop smoking, as long as the coals remain exposed to air, they will continue burning and heating up, so if you want to extinguish it, the best way is to perform oxygen isolation, so that it will be easier for you to extinguish the coal.

If not extinguished in a timely manner, the coals will burn until fully consumed. Spent coals also pose safety hazards, as they could trigger fires. Therefore, go ahead and try the methods I listed earlier for extinguishing hookah!

Can I reuse hookah coals after putting them out?

Although Hookah coals will form a layer of ash on the surface, which will affect the effect of re-lighting, and even if they are lit, the burning effect will be worse than new hookah coals, which may not be perfect, but they are still very useful to me! This can save me a lot of money, especially for a hookah lover like me

I hope the various hookah coal extinguishing techniques detailed in this article can come in handy, allowing you to enjoy hookah more safely and happily. If you have other good methods for extinguishing hookah coals, feel free to share with everyone in the comments!

Lastly, I want to remind everyone not to overlook the potential risks of hookah because of the fun it brings. Only by having an accurate understanding of hookah and enjoying it scientifically and rationally can we avoid unnecessary harm. Christmas is almost here, so we’d like to wish all hookah enthusiasts a Merry Christmas!

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