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Best Hookah Coals

An element of hookah smoking that is frequently disregarded are the coals. Therefore, choosing the best hookah charcoal of high quality is an important part of having a hookah experience. High-quality charcoal can bring a smoother smoke and fragrant tobacco aroma. So, which are the best hookah coal on the market? In this blog, we will discuss with you in detail what are the best hookah coal and introduce the features of some of our favorite brands of hookah coal on the market today

Types of Hookah Coals

Natural Hookah Coals

There are many types of Natural Hookah Coals, but the most common one is coconut shell. It is considered the gold standard by many hookah enthusiasts and is the most natural material in Hookah Coals.

When most novice hookah users start using a hookah we recommend using coconut charcoal as coconut charcoal is considered by most hookah enthusiasts to be far better than quick burning coal.

1. Coconut shell coal is 100% natural and contains no chemicals or additives. They are made by burning raw coconut shells to create charcoal, which is then compressed into a shape suitable for hookah use. Natural ingredients produce pure, clean smoke without compromising flavor profile.

2.Coconut coal takes longer to ignite, approximately 10-15 minutes, compared to fast-burning coals that use chemical binders. However, they burn evenly at high temperatures for over an hour with no chemicals or smell. This makes the hookah experience smoother and more enjoyable.

So you can see on our global hookah website that our customers are even more enthusiastic about trying Natural Hookah Coals

Best Hookah Coals

Quick-Light Hookah Coals

The second most used one is Quick-Light Hookah Coals. If you have used quick-Light Hookah Coals, you will find that although there are many chemical combustion accelerants added to quick-burning coal, it can ignite within 1-3 minutes without external heating. This does allow us to have more convenience in the process of using hookah, but the accelerator will bring chemical taste and aroma to the smoke, changing the natural taste of tobacco. Moreover, this type of hookah charcoal burns at a higher temperature than natural hookah charcoal, which can easily lead to excessive burning of hookah tobacco. This is very unpopular for many novice hookah smokers.

Hookah Coals

The best Hookah Coals brand

Among these hookah charcoal Cocobrico, Ecocha, and Tom Cococha are undoubtedly the most highly rated brands. For this reason, I also specially purchased Tom Cococha for testing

Best Hookah Coals

When I lit up Tom Cococha on the burner, the ignition process went very smoothly without any smoke or sparks. The burn time was around 10-15 minutes, comparable to other high-quality natural coals. After letting them thoroughly burn, I put 3 coals in the hookah. Within the first 5 minutes of smoking, it already produced great smoke output. This shows that this coal has a strong heat output and is a high-quality natural coconut shell coal. Before starting, many people reminded me that I need to pay attention to the smell produced by Tom Cococha, but in fact I did not feel any odor, which was a pleasant surprise to me

Best Hookah Coals

In addition, the following Hookah Coals brands are also very good:

Hookah Coals

Prestige Coals – This premium Japanese charcoal brand is known for its dense cubes that result in a smooth, clean burn. Many users rate Prestige among the best natural coals.

Titanium Coals – Made from 100% natural coal, these coals are appreciated for their long burn time of up to 2 hours and minimal ash production. They provide consistent heat without altering flavors.

Black Cocoa Coals – Black Cocoa uses charcoal made from palm kernel shells. The coals light quickly and produce minimal ash while providing even, strong heat.

Fumari Coals – Made from high-quality coconut shells, Fumari coals offer over 90 minutes of consistent heating with no chemical flavors.

Ecocha Coals – Ecocha uses compressed bamboo coal for an eco-friendly and sustainable product. The coals emit very little smoke and have no chemical taste or smell.

Starbuzz Coals – Starbuzz coals are made from South American açai wood and burn clean without chemicals. They are cubed for easy ash breaking and good air flow.

The above is my introduction to the best Hookah Coals. I hope it will help you find something that can help you. If you still have recommendations for high-quality Hookah Coals, you can leave a message on our blog, but the prerequisite You have to test it yourself, it means a lot to me, and I’m happy to get your feedback.

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