How To Smoke Hookah Without Coughing

Hookah smoking is gaining popularity as a social activity in the United States. However, as more and more people use hookah, many people will find that they cough inexplicably while smoking hookah. This How To Smoke Hookah Without Coughing blog will give you some helpful pointers if you are also trying this new experience but can’t enjoy it due to your cough. You may make the most of your social time in the shisha area by following these easy recommendations. No longer troubled by persistent hacking coughs

How To Smoke Hookah Without Coughing

Why do I cough while smoking hookah?

One bowl of hookah is like smoking a whole pack of cigarettes, according to lead researcher Dr. Ronald Crystal of Weill Cornell Medical College’s Department of Genetic Medicine. Even a small amount of hookah you smoke may inflame the lining of your respiratory tract. Below we List of reasons why you might cough while smoking shisha

1. The tar, carbon monoxide, and other harsh irritants included in hookah smoke can aggravate your respiratory system and give you a terrible cough as your body tries to get rid of the waste.

2. There are other reasons why you smoke a lot of shisha or smoke for an extended period of time, which just drowns your lungs in smoke and irritants, producing coughing.

3. Tobacco leaves that have not been properly wrapped may produce more pungent smoke and make your respiratory tract uncomfortable.

4. Use low-grade coal. Burning coal releases smoke that contains a certain amount of hazardous compounds together with heated air that can irritate your lungs and throat and make you cough.

5. Hookahs frequently produce long, deep inhalations, allowing more smoke to infiltrate the lungs, irritating delicate tissues and causing coughing. These large, delectable puffs will add even more excitement to your airways.

How To Smoke Hookah Without Coughing

6. In addition to the concerns listed above, the seasonings and additives used to enhance the flavor of hookahs will eventually induce throat inflammation and dry cough. When these manufactured compounds penetrate the human body, they create inflammation.

7. In addition, we discovered that filthy hookahs can exacerbate coughing issues. Residue from previous burns in a new bowl might produce stronger smoke. Bacteria that thrive in aged water can cause respiratory illnesses and increased coughing. The restricted airflow of thick water smoke also means that coal combustion is inefficient, and the smoke contains more contaminants that might irritate the respiratory tract.

So how do we smoke hookah without coughing?

If anyone is like me and coughs every time he smokes shisha, if so, you can continue reading our blog and we will list some tips for you to have the best shisha experience

Select a premium hookah.

Choose a hookah that is well-made and sealed, and use high-quality charcoal that can burn slowly. There will be far less of the dangerous chemicals in the smoke if this is done.

Loosely pack the tobacco.

Compacting the tobacco too tightly will impede smoke circulation and intensify the smoke. Employing a loose packing technique can result in smoother airflow and decrease smoke discomfort. This is a small tip I have summarized over years of experience. If you haven’t learned to pack properly Shisha tobacco You can also read our article on How To Pack Shisha

Regulate the length of each breath intake

Shorten the duration of each inhalation to allow the respiratory system rest and minimize exposure to irritating smoke. Prolonged breathing without pauses is more likely to induce coughing.

How To Smoke Hookah Without Coughing

Breathe in softly and briefly

If you inhale deeply enough, smoke can enter your lungs and induce a cough. Minimize the amount of irritants that enter your airways by using shorter, softer inhalations.

Employ charcoal in moderation

Excessive charcoal can lead to high temperatures that burn the tobacco, creating harsh and annoying smoke.

How To Smoke Hookah Without Coughing

Use a moderate amount of charcoal.

When you use too much charcoal, you’ll get smoke that’s both annoying and stifling, and the tobacco will get scorched.

Make use of premium tobacco.

Smoking high-quality tobacco is more pleasant than using cheaper, lower-quality types because the smoke is less harsh. is another something I’ve learned the hard way: while selecting tobacco, do not skimp.

As long as you can use these tips well, you can happily enjoy hookah without being disturbed by the choking smoke. I hope that after reading these accounts, you won’t cough while using a hookah! If you seek further information on hookah-related topics, kindly leave a note in the comment section for discussion.

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