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Made with enhanced, thicker material, our mini bong is designed to last. Despite its petite size, it delivers the smoothest hits every time.

We have listened to our customers and made significant improvements to the design. Our 5.9 Inch Mini Bong now features a redesigned path from the bowl to the mouthpiece, making it easier to clear out stale smoke. Additionally, we’ve made a considerable change by separating the bowl and stem. This allows for a smoother, less harsh smoking experience that’s kind on the lungs.

Finally, durability won’t be an issue anymore. We’ve made our mini bong with thicker glass, ensuring it can withstand regular usage without compromising its adorable aesthetic. Small in size but big on performance, our 5.9 Inch Pink Mini Bong Wholesale is perfect for both solo sessions and group gatherings. Experience the difference today.

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