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Our Egyptian Style Metal Arabic Hookah is characterized by its solid structure and detachable lower stem, which not only makes for easy storage but also ensures a powerful smoking experience.

With less than 10 minutes of hassle-free assembly required, this Metal Arabic Hookah was made with novice users in mind. Despite its size, the egyptian hookah simple maintenance due to the ease with which its parts may be removed.

The plate on top, which is fastened to the base of the bowl, is quite popular with our clients. When you set a Nara or tongs on it, there won’t be any swaying thanks to the remarkable stability this provides. When the base is two-thirds full, the Arabic Hookah is designed to draw optimally, providing airtight and potent inhales.

We prioritize customer happiness, thus we promptly replace any item that is delivered in a damaged state. Our egyptian hookah is made of high-quality metal and has an appropriate hose, which together makes it a genuinely amazing Arabic Hookah. Additionally, our bundle comes with a ton of accessories, providing fantastic value. We ensure that all things are undamaged and free of loose parts by carefully wrapping them.

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