Gold Turkish Hookah Pipe

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The gold Turkish hookah pipe is a must for any hookah smoker. It is lightweight, portable and easy to use. The hookah pipe has a removable bowl that can be filled with shisha tobacco and lit up with charcoal. This hookah pipe is made of premium quality Glass, which gives it an authentic look and feel. This means that you will be able to enjoy using this product for many years without having to worry about any damage occurring due to regular use or age-related wear & tear on the product itself.

The gold Turkish hookah pipe has a glass base that houses the water chamber where you will place your hookah tobacco. It also comes with a hose that you can use to inhale the smoke produced by your hookah tobacco. The gold finish makes this pipe stand out from other hookah pipes on the market today.

This Gold Turkish Hookah Pipe is great for both personal use or as a gift for someone special in your life!

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