Silicone Full Face Gas Mask Bong

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The Silicone Full Face Gas Mask Bong is a hard hitting bong that’s shaped like a gas mask with a silicone tube and mouthpiece. This full face mask bong features a carb hole on the side of the mask for easy access. Besides this Full Face Gas Mask Bong has a gas mask filter attached to it, which filters out some of the tar and nicotine from your hit, and Silicone Full Face Gas Mask Bong makes it easier to inhale smoke and provides you with a smooth hit every time. which makes it popular among marijuana users

This silicone gas mask bong comes with a matching bowl and is easy to use. You can even add ice cubes to the water for an extra cool hit!

Remove the bowl and carb hole from the top of the bong to use it as a conventional piece; however, to use it with a gas mask, simply slide those two pieces back into position over the mouthpiece and then put your mask on top of them.


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