Silicone Weed Gas Mask Bong

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The Silicone Weed Gas Mask Bong is a fun way to smoke your favorite herb. The silicone weed gas mask is made from high quality silicone material that is thick and durable. It has an adjustable strap that can fit any head size, including the biggest of heads.

The silicone weed bong is equipped with a carb hole, so you can control how much smoke you inhale at once. The bowl of this bong is removable, which makes cleaning it a breeze.

The silicone weed bongs comes with a long plastic tube that connects to the gas mask component. This tube can be filled with water, which will allow you to take in more smoke at once. Thus making the ball hit more smoothly

The reason why people would want to buy this type of unique bong is because it looks really cool when you smoke out of it! It’s also great for parties because people will notice it right away when they walk into yours, and its premium silicone material , adjustable straps, and a customizable vaping experience, making it a popular choice among marijuana lovers

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