2 Hose Large Hookah Starter Kit


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This 2-Hose Large Hookah Starter Kit is the perfect way to get into hookah smoking. The two-hose hookah is great for sharing with friends and family, so this 2 Hose Large Hookah Kit is a great choice for parties or group gatherings.

Hookah Starter Kits include all the accessories you need to enjoy your Hookah, including a large glass base and hose, grommets, and screens, tongs, and an Egyptian bowl.

The stainless steel bowl is designed with a large surface area to allow more coals while still keeping the smoke cool enough for smooth draws. This Hookah Starter Kit is ideal for both beginners looking for their first hookah

A quality glass base is essential for any smoker, as it holds everything together and makes for easier, and glass base allows for larger amounts of water to be used, which means it will last longer and produce more smoke each time you use it.You can also flavor the tobacco by adding flavors like mint, cherry or vanilla etc into it before smoking it down in your pipe

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