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This Single Pipe Large Hookah Set is made of aluminum, which is incredibly strong and long-lasting. It has a longer useful life. You can watch the smoke as it passes through the hookah since this Large Hookah Set includes a glass base and stem. Simply fill the base of the hookah set with water or ice, put your favorite beverage in the glass stem, and ignite the hookah. Smoke will enter your mouth through the mouthpiece of your hookah pipe and travel through the pipe! Smoke will exit the hose when you exhale via your mouthpiece and through the pipe!

extra large hookah has an extra-wide mouthpiece that makes smoking more convenient and enjoyable. As opposed to other hookahs, this one can store up to 2 liters of water, so you won’t need to replenish it as frequently. The stainless steel stem has a large aperture at the bottom and is simple to clean out after each usage. The Single Pipe Large Hookah Set is one of the most popular hookahs in our collection.

This hookah set’s height of 60 cm makes it only appropriate for use indoors. With a base diameter of 23 cm, it can contain a sizable amount of water while ensuring that it won’t fast evaporate while you smoke.

This floor standing hookah set will satisfy all of your demands regardless of the type of shisha you wish to smoke because it includes an aluminum tray and a few attachments like tongs, coal tongs, hose, brushes, etc.

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