3.5 Inch Blue Clear Glass Spoon Pipes


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This Clear Glass Spoon Pipes is a must have for any glass collection. It has a cool design that will make your friends jealous! You can use this pipe for tobacco or marijuana and it will be sure to impress.

The bowls on these Clear Glass Spoon Pipes have a large hole, which allows for more airflow than some other styles of pipe. The larger hole creates a smoother hit, but it also means that these pipes are not recommended for use with concentrates. This Small 3.5-inch Glass Pipes are great for smoking herb or tobacco, but they can also be used as an accessory piece to add to your collection.

This clear spoon pipe measures 3.5 inches, This size makes it easy to carry around with you wherever you go! And this spoon / straw style bowl also makes it easier to clean out after each use, as you can blow through the pipe Without having to worry about ash falling into your mouth.

The blue color on this 3.5″ Glass Pipes looks great against the clear base glass material, which allows light to shine through when viewed from different angles. This makes it easy to see what is inside of your bowl while smoking out of it at night time or anytime really !

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