Double Hookah Pipe In The Shape Of The Eiffel Tower


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this Double Hookah Pipe in the Shape of the Eiffel Tower is not only utilitarian, but also a gorgeous addition to any place. The design’s unique color palette improves the appearance of any room. You may pack it and take it on your next family trip.

This Double Hookah Pipe has a built-in safety system, allowing you to unwind while experiencing a range of smoking experiences without fear of burning your fingers. In addition to its health advantages, it may help with teeth whitening.

This hookah pot double pipe comes with two hoses, making it suitable for usage in a range of situations such as private homes, public institutions, and high-end hotels and resorts. That will come in useful when your friends come over to play!

Our upgraded double hookah’s temperature may be easily changed. As the vent gets stiff, just opening and shutting it will enable more heat to be delivered to the hookah. As a consequence, you’ll have a consistent, delightful experience when lighting up.

This double hose hookah shaped like the Eiffel Tower is both visually beautiful and operationally outstanding, making it the perfect option for anyone who wish to smoke in style. Because of its stunning look, built-in safety measures, and easy temperature management, this hookah pipe is sure to be a success with smokers.

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