The Top 9 Pipe Brands Recommended by Pipe Enthusiasts

I had developed a strong affinity for smoking pipes ever since I entered into matrimony. I comprehend the significance of possessing a pipe of superior quality, as it enhances the smoking experience, particularly when one inhales the initial pleasant smoke. If you’re just starting off, you really shouldn’t miss this blog post about the top pipe manufacturers!

For a beginner who has recently acquired the skill of pipe smoking, selecting a suitable pipe might be particularly challenging. Having personally encountered this sensation, I possess a deep comprehension of it. However, rest assured that when perusing our article, you will likely be Make your pipe selection smarter with a selection of options that cater to your specific needs. We’ll expose you to some of the world’s top pipe brands, including Savinelli, MUXIANG, and the traditional Dunhill brand.


Savinelli pipe brand

Savinelli is definitely one of the Italian pipe brands that every pipe smoker needs to know about

As early as 1876, the Italian named Achille Savinelli founded the pipe brand Savinelli named after him in Bologna. Due to its use of only the best briar wood and exquisite production, Craftsmanship, Savinelli soon became popular throughout Italy and Europe

Today, Savinelli has become a world famous high-end briar pipe brand, still carrying the founder’s devotion to excellence.

Famous pipes: Autograph series, Limited Edition series, Pipe of the Year series

Average price range: $500 – $100,0+


Dunhill pipe brand

After its founding in 1904, Dunhill soon came to be associated with high-end pipe. Its Briar pipe series, a leading pipe brand, serves as a model for the pipe business. The best Italian briar wood is used to make these pipes. They are not only highly collectible, but their special smoking experience leaves a lasting impression.

Famous for their flawless construction, particularly in shape, are Dunhill pipes. Dunhill is adamant about employing traditional manual methods. Like sculptors, craftsmen will use a range of conventional knives to turn wooden blocks into pipe prototypes. This calls for very strong manual dexterity.

Dunhill employed exclusively manual techniques for polishing the flue, employing refined drill bits to repeatedly create holes until achieving the desired inner hole structure.

Ultimately, Dunhill will employ sandblasting processes to meticulously refine the external surface of the pipe, eliminating any imperfections and achieving an optimal frosted texture. The entire procedure is devoid of any mechanical intervention and relies only on the skill and expertise of the craftsmen.

Because of the above advantages, famous people with a big historical influence, like Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, and Alfred Hitchcock, have all been fans of Dunhill pipes.

As a fellow pipe enthusiast, I must give a shout-out to Dunhill. They achieved balances and classic forms that are sure to please any pipe enthusiast. Plus, there’s more allure in having a piece of history smoked by legends. You get a sense of connection to the great thinkers and gentlemen of the past when you hold a vintage Dunhill.

Famous pipes: Dunhill pipes – the Shell Briar series and the “Billionaire” pipe:

Average price range: $1,000 – $5,000


Castello pipe brand

Castello is an Italian briar pipe maker known for its artistry and innovation. The company was founded in 1947 by Carlo Castello, a talented sculptor.

Therefore, the design of Castello pipe is usually inspired by nature and adopts unique finishes and shapes, which are very popular among collectors.

Famous pipes: “Il Nonno” , “Kentucky” series.
Average price range: $300 – $50,000+


William Charatan, an astute British businessman with education, founded the company back in 1863, and each pipe Charatan produces pays tribute to traditional English design. Their outlines exhibit elegant contours and precise intricacies that exemplify the British dedication to flawlessness.Expect rounded or oval bowls, straight shanks, and ornate hand-carved stems.

“Churchwarden” and “Dublin” series are well-known pipes.
Range of prices on average: $200 – $20,000+


Radice pipe brand

Radice is the leading artisanal pipe brand in Latenano, located in northern Italy. It was established by Giovanni Radice, an expert in pipe making. Their pipes utilize high-quality Italian briawood and features a sleek and distinctive design aesthetic. smoking pipe is entirely crafted by hand and is renowned for its inventive design and utilization of amber and ivory. Now it has become the premier supplier of high-end tobacco
pipe in Italy and other countries

Renowned for its rare and unique materials, it has already established itself as a premier purveyor of opulent pipes throughout Italy and beyond. It combines the finest Italian cultural traditions with pipe craftsmanship. Every item is an exquisite piece of pipe art.


Peterson pipe brand

Peterson is Ireland’s most famous pipe brand, known for its classic style design and high quality. It has a variety of series of pipes, such as the legendary “St. Patrick” series.

Signature features include premium briar accented with precious metals like silver and gold for a luxurious feel. They also produce limited edition collector’s series for an exclusive bespoke experience.

Famous pipes: Killarney series, Aran series

Average price range: $400 – $25,000+


Nording pipe brand

Nording is the premier Danish handcrafted briar pipe brand, founded by pipemaking master Erik Nørding. Nording pipes are made from exceptional imported briar from Italy and Greece, featuring a minimalist Scandinavian design that embodies artisanal spirit. With several classic series that are beloved by pipe enthusiasts Worldwide, Nording reflects impeccable craftsmanship and stands as one of the finest handmade briar pipe brands globally.

Famous pipes: “Il Presidente”, “Ballerini Limited Edition” series.
Average price range: $400 – $25,000+


The woody briar pipe may not be as well-known as the above pipe brands, but its ultimate cost-effectiveness has made it very popular in European and American countries in just a few years. They have a variety of pipe styles and designs, ranging from the classic bulldog shape There are a variety of unique freestyle styles for you to choose from, and their high-end briar pipes are much cheaper than other brands, which also makes them a great choice for beginners.

Notable series are the “Bulldog” and “Freehand” ranges.

Average price range: $100 – $300+

Erik Stokkebye

Erik Stokkebye pipe brand

Erik Stokkebye is a briar pipe manufacturer based in Denmark, the company was founded in 1923 by Erik Stokkebye.

Famous pipes: “Classic” series, “Sandblasted” series.
Average price range: $150 – $8,000+

Which briar pipe brand is the most popular?

So which of the above-mentioned briar pipe brands is the most popular? Here we can see based on data from Pipesandcigars.com that in 2022, Savinelli’s pipe sales accounted for 25% of global briar pipe sales. Peterson accounts for 15% and Stanwell sales account for 10%, so it can be seen that Savinelli is the most popular.

RankBrandMarket Share

Which briar pipe brand is best for beginners?

But if you are a newbie, you may not need to buy such an expensive pipe. You can choose a more cost-effective pipe brand for practice. Here I recommend the MUXIANG pipe brand.

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